Robots have more power to influence children’s opinions than expected

According to a new research led by Anna Vollmer (15 août 2018)  from the Plymouth University in UK it seems that children are more likely than adults to have their opinions influenced by robots.


The study used the Asch paradigm (1950) aiming to evalute the influence of our peers on our decision process.

In this test a subject has to look at a vertical line and then choose which of three other lines has the same  length.
When the subject is alone the success rate is very high but within a group we tend to follow the group opinion even when it's obviously wrong 

The reseach in this study showed that children had a success rate of 87% alone.

With robots in the room, this rate drop to 75% and on those mistakes 74% are the same as the robots ones.(Adults are more resilient)

This result could be use for education purpose but it also raise concern. For example what if robots are used to promote commercial products to our kids ?


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